APA Congress 2016

APA Congress 2016 – Finding Payroll’s Place at the HCM Table

At first glance, one would think not much has changed, but you should look closer. Once again, Sability attended the APA Congress and had our booth in the Expo.  For the ...
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Sability Connections 2016 Journey Concert

Connections 2016 – Inspiring Indeed

We are back from another successful Connections conference in Las Vegas and one thing is for sure, Ultimate Software sure knows how to host a stellar show.  As promised, it ...
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KronosWorks 2015 – Three Great Takeaways

A few short weeks ago I attended Kronos’ highly anticipated annual user conference, KronosWorks.  The event was held in wonderful Las Vegas and as usual it was a packed house!  ...
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HR Tech 2015 – 3 New Trends in the Spotlight

We are back from Vegas and another successful HR Technology Conference & Expo is officially in the books.  This has become one of my favorite industry trade shows that Sability participates ...
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Back to School – 4 Ways to Keep Yourself HCM Educated

It’s that time of year again.  Time to buy new books, pencils, folders, backpacks and Trapper Keepers.  Time to send our children back to school so they can expand their ...
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Sability Change Management

Change Management: Making HCM Software Implementation a Summer Dream

A new season just began, one we associate with “summer fun”, “summer dreams”, “summer breeze.” I change up my wardrobe to add linen and seersucker, change up my menu to add ...
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APA Congress Recap: How Will We Survive the New ACA Reporting?

Sability recently attended the 33rd Annual APA Congress in Las Vegas, but as an exhibitor our team is busy in the booth most of the show.  In light of this, we reached out to Luanne ...
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_Blog Vendor Selection Lessons

Three Lessons Learned Through the HCM Vendor Selection Process

We’ve done something  a little different for this post: a guest writer.  This post provides a client side perspective of HCM vendor selection.   This content was previously provided at the Q1 ...
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Ultimate Connections Impressed Me, and That’s Hard to Do

WOW… I’m not easily impressed. My peers sometimes call me cynical; I prefer to call it realistic. Either way, when it comes to the Connections Conference, Ultimate Software put on its best show ever. I ...
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Great Performances at ADP’s 2015 Meeting of the Minds

Sability was excited to join our partner, ADP, at their Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) this week. MOTM is an annual educational and networking event for ADP’s largest clients with ...
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Take That Cupid!

Breaking up is hard to do, especially for the employee-employer relationship, but there are ways to ease the pain and prevent brand damage.   This week I was getting all geared up ...
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Is Cloud WFM Right for Your Enterprise Business?

Cloud based solutions have taken the world by storm, and workforce management (WFM) systems are no exception. The cloud can offer exceptional value to customers: It frees them from the hassle ...
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Attract Top Talent

Use These Three Marketing Skills to Attract Top Talent

Attracting the right candidate is sometimes more an art than a science. But HR directors can take a page from marketers when it comes to narrowing down their search. Recently I ...
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New Year New System

New Year, New HCM System? Consider These Do’s and Don’ts First!

ith the new year upon us, it’s a good time to start thinking about upgrading your enterprise HCM system. If you’re like most, the topic of “upgrade” comes up when ...
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_Blog Kronos 14 Reflections

Cloud Confusion, Goodbye Java and Other Reflections on KronosWorks 2014

KronosWorks 2014, held recently at the Aria casino in Las Vegas. User conferences are a great captive audience, but they can go either way. Customers either leave feeling like their vendor ...
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3 Ways to Boost Employee Adoption of Enterprise Workforce Management Deployment

Often I meet with clients to discuss plans for their upcoming Workforce Management implementation before the process begins, I find that we tend to spend a lot of time talking ...
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Your Project Hides Vampires

5 Tips to Thwart Project Terror!

Your Project Hides Vampires You’ve been there as a leader. Your implementation project had such a good start: a team of seasoned colleagues, an executive steering committee of highly respected executives, ...
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The Missing Link: The Key to Getting Value From Your HR Data Analytics

I recently attended the 2014 HR Technology Conference and Expo in sunny Las Vegas. I spent most of my time in the Expo Hall, networking with partners, discovering new companies and ...
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Is Your Cultural Beacon Out of Focus and Other Takeaways from HR Tech 2014

It was another great year for HR Tech, the world's leading business conference & expo on technology for Human Resource executives and professionals. From meeting with customers and software vendor ...
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Five Steps to Choosing a Vendor Selection Partner

In response to my recent blog post with five things to consider before selecting an HCM vendor, I was asked about some best practices when choosing a consulting firm to assist with ...
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5 Things to Consider before HCM Vendor Selection

Five Things to Consider Before Starting an HCM Vendor Selection

Are you using outdated HCM software? Are you getting complaints from employees that your systems are not cutting it? Are your system processes taking much longer than they should? Perhaps ...
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3 Tips

3 Tips to Ensure a Successful Scheduling System Implementation

A recent news story about Starbucks’ automated scheduling software that generated inconsistent schedules and hardships for employees highlights some key points to keep in mind if you’re implementing a scheduling ...
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Scott_Chef_Feature Image_v2

Implementers vs. Consultants: Do you know the difference and which one you are going to get?

In the Human Capital Management industry, when a customer buys a new software package, they’re assigned a team of Implementation Consultants from the software vendor. It is the Implementation Consultant’s ...
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Birthday Cake

Implementing HCM Systems Series Introduction: It’s Like Baking a Cake

Woo hoo! I recently celebrated a birthday. And, of course, birthdays make me think of cake, and that got me thinking about HCM implementation … no, really it did. You see, ...
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Insights 2014

Three Buzz-Worthy Highlights from the Ceridian Insights Conference

Once again, the Ceridian Insights Annual Conference provided tremendous opportunities to learn and interact with Ceridian executives and customers. The conference continues to grow and impress all that attend and ...
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APA Congress 2014

APA Congress 2014: A Lot of Fun, But Serious Business, Too

I always look forward to the start of summer knowing it’s time for the American Payroll Association’s annual meeting, APA Congress, and this year’s was no exception. The theme was ...
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Is it time to clean up your data?

Stop Hoarding Your Data!

Is it time to clean up your data? Spring is in the air, and it's a great time to clean out the old and bring in the new! And, that goes ...
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Protocol Lagging Behind?

Is Your Feedback Protocol Lagging Behind? 5 Ways to Catch Up NOW!

Lagging Behind? Don't let the "Good Feedback Train" pass you by.   In part one of our three-part series on Talent Management I talked about how complacency can be a catastrophic talent management ...
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Hot Trends 2014

Three Hottest Trends for HR Technology in 2014

Already in 2014, technology is making headlines. Google Glass is scheduled to launch to the general public later this year, and solar-powered planes are being tested for global travel. A ...
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Show Panarama1a_crop

How Do I Modernize My Workforce Management System?

Having recently returned from the 2014 National Retail Federation show in New York City, I wanted to share a few takeaways and observations. (more…) ...
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Canoe Sculpture at City Center, Las Vegas

The Truth About Your Enterprise Systems

Your enterprise systems require lots of loving care. In fact, best of breed enterprise systems are a lot like the sculpture in this picture. They have multiple components, wired together piecemeal, but ...
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Top Dog

Are You Making This Catastrophic Talent Management Mistake?

This is part one in our three-part series about Talent Management. Complacency is the enemy of good business practices. It stagnates growth, both of the business itself and the employees within ...
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A Very Jerry Birthday

As I drive off to vacation with family and celebrate my birthday, I think of a someone with whom I'm proud to share this day: Jerry Garcia. Though Jerry has been ...
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Are You Living the Condo Life With Your HCM System?

So, my last blog post was all about Toronto’s famed Casa Loma, and how it compares to the costly infrastructure that we see with enterprise WFM systems.  Outdated legacy solutions ...
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Casa Loma (c) 2011 Scott A. Brown

HCM Architecture – Costly Castle vs. Sleek, Modern Condo?

Why You Need to Reconsider Your HCM Architecture ecently, I extended one of my visits to Toronto to take in some city sites.  To get the best bang for my tourist ...
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Blog Twins

Gestation & birth

By some unfortunate turn of events I found myself unexpectedly on a redeye from Las Vegas to Atlanta after #SHRM11. For some reason I decided it would be interesting to ...
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